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You have questions? We have answers!

1. Is your plan expensive?
No. It is usually either cost neutral, or saves people money.... and basically priceless!  
And how much money have you wasted on gimmicks that didn't work long term?

2. Can I stay anonymous without you sharing my picture?
ABSOLUTELY! I never share a picture without full permission from a client. I respect your wishes and value your trust.

3. I love food! Will I be hungry?
If you are coachable, you will not be hungry until it is time to eat anyway! Plus you will be eating every 3 hours.

4. It is safe?
100%! Physician created, led and recommended! Lots of the science behind it was from research out of Johns Hopkins!

5. Are there supplements?

6. Do I have to exercise?
Nope. I lost all my weight without exercise. Exercise is a healthy habit and super helpful for weight management. We encourage it once you get to a better place.

7. What's your success rate? How about long term?
Very high. It is predictable transformation. How long term depends on you. Are YOU willing to change your habits for GOOD, or do you want to treat this as a temporary diet? We give you all the tools to change EVERYTHING for your future!

8. How much does it cost to have me as your coach and what does a coach do?
I am FREE! But can I say priceless? hee hee! I call you and keep you accountable and support you with encouragement, guiding you and answering your questions empathetically. I am here for you ESPECIALLY during the hard times, not just to clap for you when
things are easiest.

9. If I reach out to you with questions, will you try to "sell or pressure" me?
No. This is YOUR journey, not mine. I do not drag people. You can't! You are either ready or you're not. This is about a SERVICE and RELATIONSHIP...not SALES. I will simply do a health assessment with you and learn about your habits, your current health and see if what I have is a fit for you. This is custom built... depending on YOUR needs and situation.

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